At Had-Fab we have invested in a number of high-end FICEP and Vernet Behringer CNC fabrication machines,  the last purchased in December 2015. The machines each handle a different range of material sizes. Since the introduction of these machines, we have seen numerous benefits to our workflow and increased quality in the goods produced.


We have over 30 machines operating within our workshops, including the following 8 CNC machines:

  • Geka Paxy Puma 100 CNC Punch
  • FICEP HP16T6 for angles (punch, cut, notch, clip)
  • FICEP A15.34N for large angles
  • FICEP HP16T for angles
  • FICEP P 1104P plate punch
  • FICEP CNC Drill P 27DD
  • FICEP CNC Drill Saw 1001 DZB
  • Vernet Behringer Drill saw

These machines are capable of cutting, punching, drilling, bending and shaping a range of sizes of material. They can process angles, channels, columns, beams, hollow-sections, flat bars and plates. Each machine handles a range of sizes, but across all our machines we can cater for all sizes we routinely work with.


All pieces processed by our machines are stamped with the appropriate part or bar mark. This ensures that they can be traced through fabrication and identified easily once on site. Part of our CE Marking procedure is to ensure complete traceability, and part-marking is one of the steps employed to ensure that products can be traced.

Increased Safety

We place a very high degree of importance on safety and strive to ensure that our workplace is as safe as possible for all our staff. Introducing the machines has brought with it increased safety of our operators and fabricators due to the in-built safety features. The machines automatically feed, process and output material with minimal operator interaction. This not only reduces the physical workload on our operators, but also minimises the risks of injury from the cutting components through employing safety guards and light-gate barriers.