Structural Design

We have a team of design engineers experienced in the structural design of steel and aluminium structures. They can work to a customer brief to produce a design solution in line with technical specifications as required.

Scale of work

We regularly design steel and aluminium structures to support substation equipment. We also specialise in the design of substation gantries (strain or line-landing). In addition we design secondary steel structures including stairs, ladders, access platforms and gantries for a range of applications and end-uses.

The majority of our work is carried out in line with National Grid’s technical specification for support structures in National Grid substations. We also design in line with the relevant Eurocode standards for steel (Eurocode 3) and aluminium (Eurocode 9).

Design assurance

All structural design work we do is undertaken utilising 3D CAD software (QSE/ Staad Pro) allowing designs to be tested under a range of loading conditions. On approval of General Arrangement (GA) drawings, all designs will be supplied with full design documentation, outlining structural calculations, reaction loadings and design check results (in-line with customer specifications). Where required by the customer, 3rd party design checks can be arranged.

Design detailing

Any Had-Fab structural design is detailed in house by our draftsmen. They produce a fully detailed 3D model of the structure in TEKLA Structures, which allows any potential design issues to be identified and rectified before fabrication. From these models, GA drawings are produced for customer approval and, once approved, CNC control files are output ready for production on our FICEP machines.